Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mindful Eating

I've been trying very hard to do better with my diet. Not to be on a diet, mind you, just to eat better food when I eat. I've always been the sort who would rather work out harder/more to maintain my weight than actual attempt to limit what I put in my mouth. Because I love to eat. And I'm always hungry. And now, with kids, I don't want them to see Mama on a string of weird diets and think that is a healthy way to live!

So I'm focusing on cutting out as much processed food as possible. More fruits, more veggies as snacks. Trying not to do meat outside of dinner. No soda. No alcohol on 'school nights'. I tend to eat lots of times during the day. (If I do a long run in the morning, I might have something breakfast-y at home with my coffee, but usually I wait til I'm at work for my first food of the day, and then I eat 4-6 times while I'm in the office). Then home for dinner, which is always my biggest meal of the day. Right or wrong, that's how I roll. Not much of a breakfast person, need to eat a real dinner, eat lots of small meals/snacks in between.

It means I bring lots of food with me to work. I used to have a bad habit of just nibbling while I worked, and it would pretty much go on all the time that I wasn't in a meeting. But by afternoon, I would essentially have no idea what I had even eaten in the day!

So I'm working on focusing. I'm busy, I don't have a lot of time to eat, but I need to be mindful of what I put in my mouth. It helps me feel more full. It helps me know how much I've eaten in a day, and how healthy that food was (or wasn't). It also gives me a little break to take a deep breath and focus on me, rather than on emails and web sites and all the other chaos.

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