Thursday, January 2, 2014

One Per Month

After my post on my views about making resolutions, I continued to read around the interwebs about other folks' plans... And I heard from a couple people an idea that makes great sense to me. And it will even work with my 'resolution' to stop planning to do stuff and just do it!

I am going to try to institute a focus each month. I think if I do this successfully, a month could make a habit of some of these focus points. Then I can move on to target something new, but not lose the benefits of doing the previous, know what I mean?!

So the challenge now is to decide on my focus for January. (I think I'm going to have to admit that as much as it might be fun to sit down and bang out a list of 12 for the year, that's going to end up a waste of time because life changes and I'll change my mind or be in need of something different once those later months get here!)

Becoming a better runner?

My eating habits?

Family adventures?


Hmmm... I am going to try to have something picked by the end of next week! Would love any suggestions you wish to throw my way!

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