Monday, December 30, 2013

Doing It. Now.

I never make New Year's resolutions. Mainly because they fall into two camps: 1. I don't stick with them because they're too hard or life gets in the way or circumstances change or whatever or 2. they're too simple and they're normal every day stuff that I'll do anyway.  So this year I'm still not making any resolutions. Instead, I'm starting prior to New Year's Day and taking action. Doing things that I've been meaning to do. (In some cases, for years now.)

Like that brochure on 529 plans that I keep moving a month ahead in my planner, month after month after month.
  • I don't have time to figure it out right now. 
  • We don't have enough money to put aside right now anyway. 
  • They're only in KG and 1st grade, I've got plenty of time.  
Since one of those excuses is true, one is kinda true but I could overcome it, and the other is total BS, I've simply taken action. This morning, I set up a repeat transfer from our account to each kids' savings accounts. It's not a 529 plan. I still do need to set one up. But until I get my butt in gear on that, at least there is some money being set aside for them. Because they may only be in KG and 1st grade, but they're only 12 years away from college!!!