Monday, December 30, 2013

Doing It. Now.

I never make New Year's resolutions. Mainly because they fall into two camps: 1. I don't stick with them because they're too hard or life gets in the way or circumstances change or whatever or 2. they're too simple and they're normal every day stuff that I'll do anyway.  So this year I'm still not making any resolutions. Instead, I'm starting prior to New Year's Day and taking action. Doing things that I've been meaning to do. (In some cases, for years now.)

Like that brochure on 529 plans that I keep moving a month ahead in my planner, month after month after month.
  • I don't have time to figure it out right now. 
  • We don't have enough money to put aside right now anyway. 
  • They're only in KG and 1st grade, I've got plenty of time.  
Since one of those excuses is true, one is kinda true but I could overcome it, and the other is total BS, I've simply taken action. This morning, I set up a repeat transfer from our account to each kids' savings accounts. It's not a 529 plan. I still do need to set one up. But until I get my butt in gear on that, at least there is some money being set aside for them. Because they may only be in KG and 1st grade, but they're only 12 years away from college!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Okay, It Has Been Proven

So I thought today that it has been awhile since I last posted. And I came to the blog and realized... Yeah. Almost a year! Seriously, I suck at this.

I'm going to think of this more as an online diary for myself - it's fun to read back and remember stuff we were doing, what the kids were into, etc.

Right now is soccer season. And they're both heavily into gymnastics now - J is the youngest member of the men's team, and will be competing in Level 4 this year. G got promoted to Hot Shots, the pre-cursor to Pre-Team. Like the team before the team before the team, I guess?!  Girls team spots are understandably harder to come by than boys. Who knows if she'll ever even make it to team... But she's only just turned 5, and she's having fun right now, and we're not worried about her being an Olympian by 13, so it's all good.

It makes schedules a challenge, though - each have 2 nights of gymnastics practice a week (and J's goes til 8pm, even though bedtime is 730pm!), a night of soccer practice each, and a soccer game each week.  Soon we'll have to start juggling the conflict of weekend gymnastics competitions with weekend soccer games. There's not a lot of overlap, just a few weeks, but I still have NO idea how we're going to handle that... Of course, we both want to be at both G's game and J's competitions. And he's one of the better players on his soccer team, so if he ends up missing a game due to a meet, I'll feel guilty about that, too... Ah, it never ends.

Last week I was away for business all week. Daddy was a champ, juggling everything by himself. And with a 15 hr time difference, I was only occasionally able to even talk to the kids. Seemed like any time I was awake and available, they were in school or at a practice of some sort.

So today I'm scrambling to try to get myself and everyone else back on track for a 'normal' school/work week. Normal for us, anyway.   :)

I've managed to plan menus, just need to get to the grocery store now. But I have to take G with me because J is at a birthday party and the hubs is with him, and she's playing with neighbors right now and I don't want to pull her away if I can help it.  So I'm actually ironing my work clothes for the week... As soon as I finish this post, anyway. I rarely bother to iron, but I've got a minute so why not get fancy?!

In case it's of interest to anyone, here's the plan:

Sunday (tonight): pappardelle with sausage and wild mushrooms (to use up the thawed sausage that didn't get used last week while I was gone - I don't ask, but I'm pretty sure they eat mac & cheese, hot dogs, and pizza all week when I travel)

Monday: make your own pizzas - I've got leftover goat cheese and some too-squishy-to-eat-by-themselves peaches to use up, and will reduce some balsamic for a drizzle... and there's some leftover pepperoni for the kids, and we pretty much always have mozarella around!

Tuesday: pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches - hubs requested this, so I took a chicken out of the freezer today, and he'll have to handle roasting it tomorrow so it's ready. He's got softball late on Tuesday, so this will be easy enough to make & eat before he heads out.

Wednesday: hot dogs & chips. This is one of our really late nights due to J's gymnastics, so we need something quick and, well, I have lots of hot dogs in the freezer because I stock up when they're on sale, and we have buns left over from last week. Oh, and chips are an unusual treat in this house, but they're on a really good sale!

Thursday: kale, canelli bean & potato soup. Will use the kale that's in this week's CSA box (delivered on Wednesdays), and I have chicken stock frozen (I make it in bulk). I'll have hubs make some fresh bread to go with it...

Friday: charcuterie - another late night due to J's gymnastics, so this is quick and easy. Will use up any bread leftover from Thursday, any mozarella and pepperoni from the pizzas, tmoatoes that are in the CSA box... and whatever other meats & cheeses I find on sale at the grocery store!

Saturday: eggplant parmesean casserole. Eggplant in the CSA box. Tomato sauce on big sale this week, so I don't even have to dig into my stash of frozen homemade (it has meat & sausage in it, and I don't like that with eggplant parm, I like just plain!).

And, with that, I'm off to check on G and iron. Perhaps I'll be back to this blog within the next 3 months or so!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here We Go Again...

See? I suck at writing regular posts. You'd think I'd be able to manage a couple paragraphs every few days. There's plenty going on in my life that I can ramble about... And I think often that I need to write a post... It just doesn't happen. I'll try to be better. Promise.

You can help me. If you like this blog at all, share it with your friends. Maybe if we build up a bit of a community, we'll be able to make this a place where we can have conversations and support one another. And comment! I'd love to know what topics you like, what you don't like, what you want to hear more about, what you find obnoxious...