Thursday, November 29, 2012

The End of November?!

Sorry it has been a while since my last post... Time gets away from me.

Things got a little crazy the last couple weeks. I accepted a new job. It wasn't particularly planned, I was contacted by a recruiter and the job sounded really exciting. I had thought I would start looking next Spring, so I just sped up my plans. But that means I'm leaving a company I've been with for 13 YEARS. I basically grew up there, career-wise. I started as an entry-level coordinator (who probably wasn't even qualified for that job) and am leaving as a Director with responsibility for 6 major lines of business. So even though it is time for me to do something new, and I'm excited about the move, I'm leaving lots of people and projects I have strong ties to. I'm grateful for the opportunities I had and the people I met, and I'm ready for the next challenge.

I gave more than 2 weeks notice, because I wanted to see my old company through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And what fun that was!! As is the case every year, Marketing did everything they could to take the site down with huge email sends and crazy, convoluted promotions. Infrastructure blamed applications for the poor performance (unoptimized queries) and applications blamed infrastructure for the poor performance (inadequate server sizing). Whatever, I'm pretty sure they were both at fault. And I don't really care who is to blame, I just want it fixed. So tweak the stored procedures and add another blade to the database box, and let's get going!

We also got to go to J's parent-teacher conference this week. It's so interesting to hear how someone else sees your kid. And, I suppose, to get a view to how he acts when he's not with you. Nothing terribly surprising - he's super smart, he doesn't test all that well because he rushes, he makes friends easily, he's funny. His teacher seems to really enjoy having him in her class, which is nice to hear. He loves school, so I certainly can't ask for anything more.

We had our last week of soccer. Both of them had a great time, both of them are among the better players on their teams. It remains to o be seen if G plays next year. After all the drama of this season, she sometimes says she loves soccer and other times says that she would rather not play any more. I guess we'll see what her mood is next year - no need to worry too much about it now!

Next up, I need to do some posts on food. Thanksgiving gave me lots of material!

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