Sunday, November 4, 2012

Romance -- Done Our Way

We don't have a babysitter or family around to take our kids off our hands occasionally. So everything we do, the kids do with us. If we want to do something that doesn't allow for a 4 and 5 year old to tag along (concerts, watching a football game at a bar, etc), we have to agree which of us would enjoy the experience more, and the other parent stays home with the kids (usually me, since the husband is with them a minimum of 50 hrs a week (and usually more) while I'm working). This means we really never have 'alone' time with one another.

Recently we discovered that on one Saturday each month, our YMCA does a 'Parent's Night Out'. For two kids, it's a little expensive ($50), but if you think about getting a babysitter for two kids for 5 hours, it's probably comparable. Not a lot of detail, but they promised activities and dinner and the kids liked the sound of it, so we decided to give it a try.

Last night was our first night out. We dropped the kids off at the Y at 430ish (we were running a little late because G had the usual wardrobe issues of trying to find an ensemble she considered appropriate for the event), and we were off for a night of adult fun.

Yeah, right. This is us, remember?!

First stop: Costco - admittedly the long wait in the gas line was more enjoyable without moaning from the back seat, and we got through the place in record time without having to stop at each and every sample station. We did walk down the wine aisle, if that counts as romantic at all? (Though the husband noted that the aisle with beer on one side and auto supplies stuff on the other side was really more romantic. He sure knows how to make my heart flutter.)

Back home to drop stuff off and get the cold things into the freezer/refrigerator, then back out. Next stop: Big Lots. Yep. Big Lots. I needed a set of plastic drawers to store all the random kid's stuff you want to save (art projects, favorite toys they've outgrown, etc). I already have a couple large flat bins int he garage, but need something more convenient in the house - otherwise, the papers just pile up on my desk until I'm tempted to throw them all straight in the trash.

And when we left Big Lots, I saw that they put a Carter's outlet in that strip mall since the last time we were there. So, a quick stop to pick up a few pairs of tights for G, since he favorite fall/winter outfit is a denim skirt, tee, sweater, and patterned tights.

Finally, we got serious about doing something we wouldn't do with the kids, and went to a nice steakhouse for dinner. And felt guilty the whole time, because the kids would have loved it - the ambiance, the filets, the fancy potato options... All right up their alley.

And I don't know about you all, but we talked about the kids the whole time, and I was just fine with that. I don't really understand those people who say you shouldn't talk about the kids while on a 'date night'. The kids are a huge part of what is US. And a chance to have honest conversation about where they're excelling and where they're driving us nuts - without them listening in and getting a big head or hurt feelings - is priceless!

After dinner, we went to the Y to get the kids, even though we had an hour left on the allowed time. But the kids were in the middle of a movie, and basically (politely, I'll give it to them) told us to go away. Ha. So we went to a restaurant/bar nearby until the time was up.

The kids had a good time and said they'd like to do it again. We are already planning to use the next one to do Christmas shopping (more heart-stopping romance, for sure!). All in all, a successful night for everyone - if not exactly the date you might dream of!

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