Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween - The Aftermath

J and G had a blast on Halloween. This was the first year they were both old enough to really 'get' it and enjoy the whole experience. They had awesome costumes made by Nama (as usual): J was Spiderman, and G was a water fairy. Neither of them were scared by people in masks (previously a major source of terror for J, especially) or by lawn decorations. They blended right into the gang of kids in the new 'hood, and went hard all night long.

I was not once asked to carry a bag of candy (and they were huge and heavy by the end!) or a child. Thank goodness... They're getting so big, I really think they should be carrying me.

 We tried hard not to get too far off schedule, seeing it was a school night. We had the kids in bed less than an hour past their normal bedtime. Then let them sleep about 15 minutes later than usual in the morning. But, still.

The aftermath.

How long does it take post-holiday to get your children back?? For us, it's usually about a week before they're normal...

Last night they were both almost falling asleep in their plates at dinner. (A new meal, and one with which I was exceptionally happy, but the way. I'll post the recipe sometime soon.)

They're cranky and surly and crazy.

And now we're in that time of year where you barely recover from one holiday, and another one is staring you down.

I cleaned up most of the Halloween decor while they were still sleeping this morning, since it was easier than dealing with the drama of them arguing to keep it up. Of course, as soon as they woke up, they wanted to know when we were going to put up the Thanksgiving  stuff. Good lord...

Which reminds me. I need to start planning the menu. Yay! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!!!!

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