Saturday, October 6, 2012

This Would Be Sweeter If I Didn't Have to Pee So Badly...

G still ends up in our bed most every night. It's not a matter of 'if', it's a matter of 'when'. But I don't really mind - she's only 4, Little Dog has been a bed hog for 12 years now so we're used to it, she doesn't talk or fuss. Plus, if you've ever had a kid go through night terrors (G suffered for over a year), anything is preferable to that.

Usually, she comes walking into the room, and without a word just climbs up on my side of the bed. I always move her over me to the middle - even though she's big enough and the bed low enough that falling out wouldn't really be any big deal, I sleep better if I'm not worried about shoving her off.

And she settles between us, and is instantly asleep. No big deal.

But some nights, she is a cuddler. Now I love cuddling with my kids. But not when I have to pee - their knees and elbows are like bladder-seeking lasers.

Last night, as I moved her over me, she clung. Like a vine. You know what I mean... Could not get her unattached. So she slept on top of me for a while, until I was able to slide out. Because I really, really needed to go to the bathroom. And nearly 40 lbs of dead weight on top of me was not feeling so good.  But she caught me with an arm, and twisted, and buried her head in my stomach.  Oh, lord. Not good at all. I waited for her to fall more deeply asleep again, and tried a second time to get away. And she whined and crawled up me to lodge her head under my chin... And threw a leg over my hips. I almost started to cry.

It was almost 3 hours before I was able to sneak out of my own bed. And run to the bathroom. Damn kid.

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