Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Perhaps This Isn't Going According to Plan

Yeah, so this outlet I thought was a great idea... How long ago was it that I started with the first post? Well over a month ago. Sadly, that seems to be the norm with me. Big idea, get distracted by life. But I'll try to do better, I swear. Because if I ever manage to get a 'follower' (dude, I'd be so excited it would be embarrassing), I wouldn't want them to think I had been abducted or something when I fail to post for - oh, a few months or whatever.

So I started a blog in June. And wrote one post. Then didn't get back to it until today - October. So I wrote this post. And then realized that somehow my original blog had been deleted. I could still see the posts, but they weren't public anywhere... I couldn't figure out the problem, so I decided to just start a new one. But to preserve my honesty, I'm going to go ahead and admit that I took almost 4 months between my 1st and 2nd posts, even though I could totally pull off that today was my first foray into blogging... So. Here we go. Again.

Let's see what has happened.

My baby girl (G) turned 4. It didn't really change a darn thing, she's always been old for her age. But she's impressed to say it.

Baby boy (J) took scissors to the middle of the top of his head. Right down to the skin in an inch wide, 3 inch long swath. 4 days before school picture day. He now looks pretty cute as a cue ball with hair about 1/16" long all over.

The kids had their annual checkup. G is perfectly perfect - 50th percentile for both height and weight. J is still made of lead - 17th percentile for height (sorry, buddy, that's called genetics - and it's your dad's fault, for the record) and 67th for weight. I believe that might make him clinically obese by BMI. Which he's not, at all. Just short and solid.

J has moved to the competitive team in gymnastics. It's so cool to watch these little guys bouncing around, spinning and hanging upside down... He's having the time of his life with it. Of course, he's 5, and everything new is awesome. So long as he continues to enjoy it, we'll keep doing it. But he also loves tee ball and soccer and a million other things, so we've got plenty of options!

Work is pretty irritating right now. Too much to do, ridiculous timelines. Oh, and I've been having severe computer problems for 3 1/2 weeks. Like sometimes can access email, sometimes not. Same with various applications/programs, same with printing... Very annoying. And killing productivity when I really need to be cranking work out. But my team is great, thank god, and they handle a lot I can't possibly get to.

Little Dog and I ran into a coyote on our walk this morning. Like literally nearly RAN INTO it. Yikes. Little Dog (he's 35 lbs, so probably more like 'medium dog', but he's smaller than the other one) wanted to fight, of course. Fool. So my mind was racing with how I would fight the coyote off if he decided to take Little Dog up on the challenge. And also trying to sort through all the rules you hear to determine which were applicable to coyotes vs mountain lions vs bears... Make myself big and loud? Look insignificant? Stare him down? Avoid eye contact? Stay still? Run? I decided to go with an assortment, to confuse him. Watch him, but not lock eyes. Yell at Little Dog, not at coyote. Move to other side of the street, at a measured pace. He watched us for a while, and then must have heard a bunny calling his name, because he continued on his way. Geesh.

Then I got home and went to send the recipe for dinner to the husband. (You see, H makes dinner during the week, since he's home and I get home so late from work that if I do it, the kids would be eating after their bedtime. But I do the meal planning and grocery shopping, and I send him an email with the recipe for the night, if it's something he hasn't made before.) And today I dug up the recipe for beef tangine (I'll post it in the next couple days, I promise!), and copied and pasted it into an email, and went through to make sure it made sense to someone other than me (I can use some weird abbreviations!). And realized we didn't have 3 of the ingredients. I have no idea what I was thinking - not that I forget to buy them, but I didn't even have them on the grocery list last weekend. Sigh... I'm going to blame the fact that G was "helping" me with the list and coupons. So, scramble to come up with something else we could do.

Today is not off to the best start... So thanks for letting me vent to you!

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