Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meal Planning

I'm trying something here... Let me know if you like it or not.

I spend time every weekend figuring out the dinner menus for the upcoming week, and planning my shopping list, and collecting my coupons. I thought I would share the results with you, in case it could help save you some time.

If you like this, let me know, and I'll try to do it more frequently!

First, I check the calendar to see if there are any nights where someone won't be home, or we'll be unusually late for dinner, or anything I need to work around.Then I check the grocery store deals, see what is scheduled for my CSA box that week, and double-check what is still lingering in the refrigerator and pantry. With that in mind, I start building out menus. Once I've got them, I make a grocery list and go through and pull any coupons I have.

This week, we're getting beets, green beans, mei qing choi (think baby bok choy), potatoes, bell peppers, butternut squash, and fennel in the CSA box. And I got a good deal on pork tenderloin, apples, and grapes at Costco. There's leftover cauliflower, cheddar cheese, kale, and romano cheese that needs to be used. And the grocery store has discounts on pasta and pork chops...And I know I've got stock, goat cheese, chicken, and bacon in the freezer. So...

Tonight I'll use the pork tenderloin I got as Costco and use up the cauliflower and some cheese that's in the refrigerator. Marinated pork loin with pan sauce and roasted cauliflower it is.

Tomorrow will be potato soup. And since the husband is sure to be sitting around watching football (and I'll join him for a bit, of course!), I'm going to make a bunch of almond crusted goat cheese & grape balls.

Monday will be a cajun chicken alfredo and crusty bread.

Tuesday will be an egg and kale casserole - that will use up the kale and cheddar cheese, and some of the bacon left over from Sunday's potato soup, and the half & half leftover from Monday's alfredo. J has gymnastics til 530, and the husband plays softball later. This will be a pretty quick and easy dinner in between!

On Wednesday, a chicken and sweet potato and apple one pot mix. I'll probably even throw in some of the bacon that will still be lingering.

Thursday is soccer practice, so the kids will be getting home late and everyone will be tired. A pasta with green beans, bell peppers, and goat cheese sounds like just the thing... And I can use up the goat cheese left from Sunday's apps.

J has gymnastics again on Friday. And we're all exhausted from a long week. I'm thinking asian noodle soup with the mei qing.

Finally, Saturday. Broiled chicken thighs with mashed potatoes and veggies will use up lots of stuff: chicken thighs, potatoes, bell peppers, fennel... And be nice and warm and filling after the usual crazy Saturday of multiple soccer games and gymnastics practice.

That means my grocery list (after buying grapes, apples, and pork at Costco) is pretty wonderfully small: a piece of ginger, a package of chinese egg noodles, some yellow onions, the pasta and porkchops that are on sale, a small container of half & half, a pint of grape tomatoes, and a sweet potato. Maybe some brussel sprouts if the price is reasonable.

And, last but certainly not least... Costco had a killer deal on a pretty good Chardonnay. I'm usually more of a pinot noir girl, but you can't beat 50% off quality wine. White will go just fine with each and every one of these meals!

(If you want my recipes for any of these posted, please let me know - I make most stuff up as I go along, but I'm happy to share what works for us!)

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