Monday, October 8, 2012

Global Warming Gets Personal

Certainly, I am concerned about global warming. The impacts are so far reaching and significant. And I'm one of those people who really think that we're responsible for the quality of the planet we hand off to our children, and we're not doing such a great job for them right now....

But day in and day out, you can lose sight of that large world view.

Living in Southern California, the weather is pretty much the same. All the time. It's hard to track a real change in weather patterns. And seasons are pretty arbitrary. Even after living here for many years, I like to have that variety, though, even if I have to make it up. So I bring out the 'summer' clothes at the end of March, and the 'winter' clothes at the end of September.

This year, I couldn't do it. The end of September was in the 80s and 90s. I couldn't possibly do boots and sweaters, even being in a climate-controlled office for the majority of each day. Damn you, global warming!!!

I've decided, though, that I can't do it any more. (And by "it", I mean shaving my legs every day.) I'm moving to my cold weather clothes, starting this week. It will be a slower transition than other years - I'm going to have to pair a sleeveless top with the pants, and only wear the cardigan while I'm inside, for another couple weeks, I bet.

The sweat is worth it. I'm so happy to be in a different outfit. And wearing these cute new shoes. Which reminds me - I need to go find another band aid for these blisters. (I'm blaming those on global warming, too, of course.)

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