Thursday, October 18, 2012

A trifecta!

Do you have a child who ends up in your bed most every night? Do you dread waking up with a toe up your nose, and elbow lodged in your ribs, a finger in your ear? Come on, 'fess up. Judging from the number of Google search results, this isn't just a phenomena of my house.

J never came in our bed, not even when he was really little. G, though, from the time she was out of a crib, would end up in our room most every night.

As I've mentioned before, she dealt with night terrors for a long time. So, admittedly, we were not very strict about putting her back into her own bed when she showed up in our room. And, really, we didn't mind. As long as she just climbed in and went back to sleep and wasn't fussing or talking, it was no big deal to have her there. Some nights the kicking and flailing got pretty annoying, but we survived.

But now she's getting pretty big. Between the husband, me, the dog, and a 4 yr old, even a king bed gets a little crowded.

So I've been trying to get her to stay in her own bed for months. I've threatened. I've bribed. Nothing has worked.

Then, the other day, I had a burst of brilliance.

Okay, no, I totally didn't. I just threw something out there.But...

I told her that if she came into our room that night, she should bring her pillow with her. Because she would need to sleep on the floor. She was welcome to come into our room if she was scared or whatever the excuse was, but she wasn't going to sleep in our bed anymore because there wasn't enough room now that she's getting so tall. She would be welcome to sleep on the floor, though, right next to me.

We didn't see her that night. I was merely cautiously optimistic, since she does occasionally stay in her own bed all night. But then we didn't see her the next night, either. I knocked on wood. And now we have been G-free for THREE NIGHTS in a row. That has not happened. Ever. In her mobile life.

I would love to announce that I am the most brilliant parent alive. But I've got to be honest. I just stumbled on it, and it worked.

Now I must share... Spread the word, my friends. And yourself. Reclaim the portions of the bed toward center of that edge you've been hanging off all this time.

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